We moved to the greater Phoenix area from out of state and wanted to redo our estate planning paperwork. We engaged Mr. Weber and his staff to do the work and were quite glad we did. The whole experience was very professional and we couldn’t be more pleased. What really set Mr. Weber apart for us though was his thoroughness and attention to detail. Extremely comfortable process from start to finish, we highly recommend the Law Offices of Robert J. Weber.


My wife and I were looking to update of will since we had recently moved to AZ. Attorney Weber was
recommended to us and we decided to contact him. We are so glad we did.

We met and told him what we wanted to do. He was a good listener, and asked us specific questions
to get a full understanding of our needs.

He then explained how Arizona law works which was very different than our previous state.

He suggested setting up a trust to minimize the need for probate. It made a lot of sense and we
agreed to this plan. It also included power of attorney, living will and wills for both of us.

The drafts were sent to us within two weeks for our review. We were pleased with the detail and all
the information we sent to him on beneficiaries and trustees was properly implemented into the
documents. There were many additional items he added to our documents that anticipated future
events that could cause problems.

He quickly set up a date for us to come in and sign final copies. At this meeting he went through each
key point in our documents, including living will choices. It only amplified the thoroughness of the
documents he had prepared.

He told us to call him at any time in the future if we had a question, without the usual attorney fee..

We were very pleased with the way our estate planning was handled, thought his price was fair and
would recommend him to our friends.


Trusts are so important in today’s world. We had so many questions and Robert J. Weber answered EVERY one of them with such clarity!

He is excellent and we highly recommend him to everyone.