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Life is full of uncertainties. We don’t think about it often, but one day you may become too ill to make decisions about your health care on your own. When this happens, medical professionals may ask your loved ones to make critical decisions on your behalf. Unfortunately, our loved ones don’t always know our wishes, not to mention that there may be differing opinions about your health care within the family.  

With an advance directive, you can accomplish both–make sure your loved ones know your wishes for health care and prevent your family from fighting over who knows better what’s best for you. What many people do not realize is that you don’t have to be old or terminally ill to consider an advance directive.

All adults can benefit from making their health care and estate planning wishes known in the event they are unable to speak for themselves.  

As an advance directives attorney in Chandler, Arizona, I understand how sensitive dealing with health care and end-of-life issues can be. That’s why my law firm–Robert J. Weber, P.C.–is focused on helping people plan for their future and make a difficult time a little easier for them and those they care about. From my office in Chandler, I guide people toward a brighter future in Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Tempe, The East Valley, and Pinal County.  

What Is an Advance Directive?

An advance directive is a legal document that outlines your preferences for medical care if you become incapacitated and cannot communicate your wishes. These documents ensure that your healthcare choices are respected and followed by medical professionals and loved ones. They provide peace of mind and also prevent confusion and conflict during critical moments. 

However, creating an advance directive is no easy task and requires careful consideration and guidance. That’s where assistance from an advance directive attorney in Arizona can be incredibly valuable. With the right legal support, you can ensure that every aspect of your directive is legally sound and will hold up in court if challenged.  

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Types of Advance Directive Documents

The term “advance directive” is an umbrella term that encompasses several documents that allow you to convey your wishes regarding medical treatment and end-of-life care ahead of time. Common examples include:  

  • Living will: A living will specifies the kinds of medical treatments and life-sustaining measures you want or don’t want if you are terminally ill or permanently unconscious. This document can include preferences on resuscitation, mechanical ventilation, tube feeding, and more. 

  • Health care power of attorney: A health care power of attorney allows you to designate a trusted individual to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapable of doing so. This person, known as your healthcare agent, will have the authority to speak with doctors and make decisions that align with your wishes. 

  • Mental health power of attorney: As the name implies, a mental health power of attorney is specifically designed to address mental health conditions. It allows you to appoint someone to make decisions regarding your mental health treatment, including medication, hospitalization, and therapy. 

  • Pre-hospital medical directive (DNR): A pre-hospital medical directive, commonly referred to as a do not resuscitate (DNR) order, informs emergency medical personnel not to perform CPR if your heart stops or if you stop breathing. This directive is for those who want to avoid invasive emergency interventions in their final moments. 

If you aren’t sure which documents are right for you, reach out to Robert J. Weber, P.C. As an advance directives attorney in Arizona with over 50 years of experience, I can explain the key aspects of these documents and help you tailor them to your specific needs and circumstances.  

Who Can Benefit from Creating an Advance Directive?

Advance directives are not just for the elderly or terminally ill. Anyone over the age of 18 can benefit from having one. They act as a safety net, ensuring that your medical treatment aligns with your values and desires, no matter what life throws your way. After all, accidents and sudden illnesses can happen to anyone–and they usually happen when you least expect them–and having a directive ensures their medical care aligns with their preferences. 

For seniors, an advance directive is particularly vital, as it provides clear instructions for their medical care. This can reduce the emotional burden on family members who might otherwise have to take responsibility for making heart-wrenching decisions in the absence of such instructions.

The same can be said about people living with chronic illnesses, as having an advance directive ensures that their wishes are followed if one day they can no longer speak for themselves. 

Why Choose a Chandler Advance Directive Attorney From Robert J. Weber, P.C.?

My law firm has earned a reputation for integrity and excellence in estate planning. Countless people have trusted me with what might be the most emotional and sensitive matter in anyone’s life: preparing for future incapacity. Clients keep coming back for more estate planning services because they know I can offer them the following:  

  • One-on-one representation: At Robert J. Weber, P.C., I believe in personalized service. I strive to ensure that every client receives the attention and care they deserve. My goal is to take the time to understand your unique situation and tailor my services accordingly. 

  • Over five decades of experience: With more than 50 years of experience, I bring unparalleled professionalism to the table. My deep understanding of the legal landscape allows me to provide top-notch advice and representation. 

  • Fast response times: I understand that legal matters as sensitive as those related to advance directives often require prompt attention. My firm prides itself on being responsive to our clients’ needs and ensuring that their concerns are addressed as quickly as possible. 

  • Award-winning attorney: My accolades and client testimonials can say a lot about my commitment to providing superior legal services. I have the highest AV Preeminent Rating from Martindale-Hubbell and received the “Client Distinction Award” from Martindale-Hubbell in 2013.  

If you are looking for an advance directives lawyer to assist you with creating documents that detail your wishes for your future care and are tailored to tailored to your personal, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs, contact Robert J. Weber, P.C. 

Advance Directives Attorney in Chandler, Arizona 

Creating an advance directive is a vital step in ensuring that your medical care aligns with your wishes, regardless of what the future holds. Whether you are young or old, healthy, or living with a chronic condition, having these documents in place can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Don’t leave your future to chance–contact my office in Chandler, Arizona, today to schedule a conversation and take the first step toward securing your wishes and brightening your family’s tomorrow.