Wills Attorney in Chandler, Arizona

I Can’t Afford a Whole “Estate Plan” – Can I?

Please don’t get hung up on terminology. We will figure out what your situation calls for, and if you need to start with a Will, and then take other steps later, I can do that for you. Don’t let the sound of “Estate Plan” paralyze you – call today and we will start with your Will.

Wait – How Much Is My Will Going to Cost?

First of all, if you don’t have a Will, probate is going to cost your family a minimum of $2,500 and probably 6 months of paperwork.

When we meet, I will quote you a flat fee (not hourly) for my services, whether it be for a Will, or Living Trust, or whatever you need. You will know your costs up-front.

Picture Yourself with Peace of Mind

Take a little time now, to prepare for the future. You will rest easier, knowing that your Will provides for the contingencies and that your family will not be burdened with needless bureaucratic red tape. Call or contact me today, and let’s finally get moving on your Will!